Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 180: See you in August

Day 179: so close

Day 178: One more final

You never know when a unit circle will come in handy.

Day 177: Spot It

All the kids I had left after graduation had either already taken their finals or were exempting. I taught them to play Spot It. It was like watching little kids play games. :)

Day 176: Graduation

These kids have my heart.

Day 174: The day I gave Dwight away.

This kid has been in my class or my advisory 3 years in a row. The first year he asked for my Dwight poster EVERY SINGLE DAY. So on his last day in my class, I asked him if he wanted Dwight. He was more than excited.

This kid has talked about the Marines since he came into my class 3 years ago. I am so proud of how he desires to serve his country. He's at boot camp right now. :) Love this kid more than words could describe.

Day 173: Everything

Because we lost the school day yesterday, I had to cram in class pictures, class surveys, and senior finals into an hour and a half. It was crazy.

Disney Princess Uno happened for the kids who exempted. :)
I appreciate notes like this so much.
Claire and I also decided to match at work.

Day 172: Rain-pocalypse

It rained all the water in Houston. The freeways looked like this, so there was no school.

Day 171: Senior Picnic

The last thing on the Class Sponsor to do list is senior picnic. It's a fun filled afternoon at the park with my favorite kids before we send them off into the real world. When it ends with a jumping pic with the principal, it's a good day.

Day 167: Cap and Gown Day

The seniors get to wear their cap and gown to school. There's a breakfast for them and we take lots of fun pictures.

Day 166: Ridiculous

The closer we get to the end of school, the more ridiculous everyone becomes.

Day 165: Senior Dinner

At the end of the school year, we have a dinner for exceptional senior students. Teachers choose seniors that have improved tremendously or been outstanding all 4 years. The students who are chosen then choose a teacher/mentor that has impacted their life. This year two students chose me as their teacher. It's a really great thing to see and experience. It's humbling that in such a short amount of time my actions and love for my kids makes such an impact on them.

Day 164: Children love me.

This is what happens when you sit with me at lunch. 

Day 161: Prom

Prom is finally here!

My mother's ability to tie bows has been given to me.

Guys, it had a castle! #dreamscometrue

They willingly took a selfie with me.

Day 159: She keeps me sane.

Love this girl to pieces. I would not have survived this year without her. Class sponsors for life...and "for life" really means never ever again. :)

Day 157: Being a Class Sponsor

It is a rough job. You get asked to do things above and beyond what you think you're capable of. People help you even when you aren't sure how to help yourself. Today we are 4 days away from prom and my principal gave me this. I needed a reminder that all my hard work was appreciated.

Day 151: Whatever works

This kid is REALLY tall, and he doesn't fit in the desk. He sat like this almost every day for the rest of the year. As long as he did his work, I did not care. :)

Day 149: Area Approximation

I had them draw their hand on a piece of graph paper. Then I told them to approximate the area. I loved seeing all the different methods the kids used. It allowed us to talk more deeply about why/how this might be useful for graphs.

and then there's this.

Day 148: Senior Baseball Night

Love these boys! They made it to playoffs this year, and it had been since 1992!

Day 144: Do I really look like that?

Sometimes children are mean. Or maybe they just lack artistic ability.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 140: Grading is fun.

These things are normal.

Day 139: Parametric Equations

This was Day 2 of parametric and we were experimenting with the calculators. Turd kid #1 (who I love a whole lot) decided he was going to be smarter than me and say, "I already figured this out miss." To which I replied, "Cool. Teach the class." Worked well. The rest of the class was engaged and I was able to problem solve with individual students while he gave the calculator instructions. And bonus: he wasn't distracting or off task. WIN COLUMN!

Day 137: Folding Conics

We did this activity in the Pre-Cal session at TMC 14, and I thought it would be a nice extension activity for conics. It was a testing day for the rest of the school, so I needed something to fill an extra day when I would be missing some students.

The kids thought it was neat, once they figured out how to fold patty paper. Oy vey...children.

Day 136: Kindness goes a long way.

Another teacher and I found out one of our kids kitchen burned. Thankfully no one was injured, but they haven't been able to cook for weeks because their stove is gone and hasn't been replaced yet. My friend and I brought their family dinner and the next day, I got this sweet note from her and her siblings.