Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 127: #PiDayParty

For our Pi Day Party, I decided that we would eat pie and do a pi day scavenger hunt.

Let's get this #pidayparty started!

struggle bus pie

3rd period brought oreo cake. 3 minutes and it's gone.

4th period likes to eat

6th period brought 9 pies...

6th period also got to sing to @rawrdimus' class because they're crazy and come up with fantastic ideas that I add dance moves to.

Friday by Rebecca Black turned Pi Day by Ms. Haugneland's 6th period

It's Pi Day, Pi Day
Gettin fat on Pi Day
Everybody's lookin forward to Spring Break, Spring Break

It's Pi Day, Pi Day
Getting fat on Pi Day
Everybody's looking forward to Spring Break, Spring Break

Partyin, Partyin YEAH!
Partyin, Partyin YEAH!
Fun Fun Fun Fun
Lookin forward to Spring Break

Day 126: Apple Devices

Momma dropped Baby on her head.

Day 125: Children are weird.

This is the snack my kids brought to 2nd period. At 9 in the morning. They also just dumped all the boxes into one bag.

I ate some of course. :)

Sugary Goodness

Day 124: More Rose Curves

I gave them the rules of rose curve equations (if they hadn't already figured them out) and I let them graph by hand. They quietly graphed all period. Not complaining, but who are these children?

Day 123: Graphing Rose Curves

I gave them another set of graphs, and they had to figure out the equation using Desmos. It helped us get a better grasp of what the numbers control in rose curve equations.

Day 122: Normal Fridays

Getting to grade nice pretty notebooks makes my life a little better.

This is good too. :)

Day 121: Dodgeball Tournament

When you say yes to becoming a class sponsor, you are really saying yes to a lot of jobs you don't have the skills for. There's lots of trial and error and there's lots of asking for help.

Enter: the dodgeball tournament

Everything went great! The kids had a lot of fun. Bonus: a freshmen team won the whole tournament and beat the faculty team.

Selfies...because why not?

The Winners!!

Day 120: Polar Graphing

The task: I gave them pictures of limacons and rose curves. They had to come up with the equation of the graph using Desmos. As they figured out equations, they began to see patterns with the numbers.

Day 119: Soccer Mom Part 2

The kid who calls me mom FINALLY got to play in a home game. I hadn't gotten to see him play yet, so this was exciting! :)

Day 117: Ridiculous Things

I made a couple kids rebuild their 3D cube because theirs wasn't a cube and they didn't label any of it. So they hang a giant sign on it with their names. 

Also, the dress. Children, please shut up about the dumb dress. NO. ONE. CARES.

Day 116: The Return of Desk Art

Self explanatory

Day 115: Desmos Activities

The kids worked on the Desmos activity Function Carnival today. They loved/hated it. The comments I got at the end of the day were along the lines of, "It made my head hurt but it was fun kind of and frustrating," "My brain is about to go BOOM!" and "Yes, we should use this program again because it makes you think, but my brain started hurting."

I consider all of those comments wins. They were struggling through problems together and weren't satisfied with half done answers. Most of them want to do something like this again, but also told me their brains hurt. I'm ok with that.

I'll write more about how I structured it and which activities I used later...

Also, sometimes we play.

Day 114: Vectors Revisited

Right in the middle of teaching vectors, I get on an airplane and my friend pulls up the plane's flight information on her iPad. Cue the "OMG, CAN YOU SCREENSHOT THAT FOR ME?!" When I got back from my trip, I was able to show my kids a few pictures of different points in our flight and how the direction and magnitude had changed. Fun fun fun!

Day 113: Character Without Question Award

My school district awards one student from every campus with the Character Without Question Award. The kids are nominated by a teacher and go through an interview with teachers, counselors, and principals. The students who won were announced at the district board meeting. The girl that was chosen from my school is my student, and I was a part of her interview where I learned some heart-breaking things about her life story. She is a special and spectacular kid. Love her!


I skipped school to turn into a princess and run 13.1 miles!

Day 111: 3D Cubes Again!

The other half of my classes built their 3D cubes with labeled octants.

Meet FrankenBlue

Ceiling Decoration

Day 110: 3D cubes

Lots of straws and tape turn into 3D cubes. The kids built the cubes, labeled the octants, and labeled a vector that would lie in each octant.

Some of the cubes weren't built spectacularly, and they died quickly. Sad. :(

Day 109: Sweet Kiddos

My soccer boys went to get food before they had to leave for their game. They brought me back happiness in a cup. Love those boys so much!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 108: Rose Delivery

High stress situations while also trying to give a test to my kids in class are not good combinations. All went well and we made money! YAY! Glad it's over.

Day 107: Roses

It's almost Valentine's Day which is when it is appropriate to sell 1000+ roses. They were in my room, and my room smelled heavenly.

Day 104: 3D Space

Kids walk into the room. FREAK OUT.

Me: Pink Spiderman was here.

Kids: Miss, but why is it pink?

Me: Hello. Why would I use any other color?

It was fun while I tried to figure out how to explain 3D space.

Day 102: More Paper Airplanes

The other half of my classes got to do the paper airplane activity. Much fun was had by all. I want to do it again, but some changes will definitely need to be made.

Day 101: Paper Airplanes

We threw paper airplanes down the hall. Then we threw them through a fan "the wind" to see what would happen. It sort of worked, and it was fun to the point of "I want to learn about vectors."

this too...

Day 100: Happy Birthday!

Two birthdays on one day, in the same class, and on the 100th day of school.

Day 99: Clever Children

When a girl went to the bathroom, a boy left her this message. I guess the first day in February brings this behavior.

Day 98: Annie

Annie is the first musical my school has done in a very long time, and it was the first time for them to ever have a live full orchestra. It was very exciting for my kids and my family because I forced them to come support too. I love seeing my kids in their element. It's definitely on the top ten list of my favorite things.

Day 97: Frustrated Kids

How to make kids believe in themselves: yell at them in written word form while grading their tests.

Day 91: Kids can use the calculator for everything besides its intended purpose.

It's an iPhone playing Flappy Bird with head phones and a pencil. Really kids?! But we can't put parenthesis around negative numbers...

Day 87: Fixing Frustrations

I decided to have a Dropbox folder where kids could check their homework and assignments to make sure they were doing it right. They have also used it to study for tests. Overall, it has been a really positive change. You can read more here.

Day 86: Panoramic Picture Day

Yes. Let's take an outdoor picture on a day that's freezing and rainy.

But I got to hang out with my loves (aka my senior officers) for awhile.