Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 180: See you in August

Day 179: so close

Day 178: One more final

You never know when a unit circle will come in handy.

Day 177: Spot It

All the kids I had left after graduation had either already taken their finals or were exempting. I taught them to play Spot It. It was like watching little kids play games. :)

Day 176: Graduation

These kids have my heart.

Day 174: The day I gave Dwight away.

This kid has been in my class or my advisory 3 years in a row. The first year he asked for my Dwight poster EVERY SINGLE DAY. So on his last day in my class, I asked him if he wanted Dwight. He was more than excited.

This kid has talked about the Marines since he came into my class 3 years ago. I am so proud of how he desires to serve his country. He's at boot camp right now. :) Love this kid more than words could describe.

Day 173: Everything

Because we lost the school day yesterday, I had to cram in class pictures, class surveys, and senior finals into an hour and a half. It was crazy.

Disney Princess Uno happened for the kids who exempted. :)
I appreciate notes like this so much.
Claire and I also decided to match at work.

Day 172: Rain-pocalypse

It rained all the water in Houston. The freeways looked like this, so there was no school.

Day 171: Senior Picnic

The last thing on the Class Sponsor to do list is senior picnic. It's a fun filled afternoon at the park with my favorite kids before we send them off into the real world. When it ends with a jumping pic with the principal, it's a good day.

Day 167: Cap and Gown Day

The seniors get to wear their cap and gown to school. There's a breakfast for them and we take lots of fun pictures.

Day 166: Ridiculous

The closer we get to the end of school, the more ridiculous everyone becomes.

Day 165: Senior Dinner

At the end of the school year, we have a dinner for exceptional senior students. Teachers choose seniors that have improved tremendously or been outstanding all 4 years. The students who are chosen then choose a teacher/mentor that has impacted their life. This year two students chose me as their teacher. It's a really great thing to see and experience. It's humbling that in such a short amount of time my actions and love for my kids makes such an impact on them.

Day 164: Children love me.

This is what happens when you sit with me at lunch. 

Day 161: Prom

Prom is finally here!

My mother's ability to tie bows has been given to me.

Guys, it had a castle! #dreamscometrue

They willingly took a selfie with me.

Day 159: She keeps me sane.

Love this girl to pieces. I would not have survived this year without her. Class sponsors for life...and "for life" really means never ever again. :)